The Awakening Oak

IMG_4806Imagine an oak—leaves turning in the wind, roots grasping deep into the soil beneath, limbs stretching high into the atmosphere. Is it alive? Well yes, like all plants, it is a living organism. Now imagine, just imagine that suddenly those limbs start to move about in the air reaching all around with the grace of a dancer. Suddenly, the leaves are giggling among themselves like children hearing a dirty word. Now, the roots are sliding about with precise and supple movements across the earth. The oak has come to life. When at first it swayed in the wind, you thought it to be living, yet you never knew it could move so intentionally. It changes what it means to be “alive.”


About Erin Renee

Another human sorting through life on earth and sharing thoughts and stories you may or may not care to read. I'm as imperfect as they come, so the benefit of the doubt is always appreciated.
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