Intrigued and Overjoyed


I feel a fire burning within me when I am given a moment to contemplate my existence, my surroundings, and the potential for the two to intertwine. Life is beautiful. People are beautiful. When one is given both, how can she be anything but intrigued and overjoyed?

When you are young and immature, you ascribe the goodness of life to the material blessings. However, as you venture through life, those things fail to be consistent and it is easy to mistake different, new blessings for the absence of blessings. If the lens through which you see the world is crafted by the quality or quantity of your material blessings, you are doomed to live a life of ups and downs, a life that drowns out the soul’s cry for truly valuable things. Yet, if you view the world by that which is consistent—the miracle of sunlight, the intricacies that make up the air you breathe, the uniqueness of every moment in time, and the potential in every human being—then you have caught on to the simple truths that make life beautiful regardless of where you are in your personal endeavors. 

The naïvety some find in the belief that the world and the people that inhabit it are extraordinary, breathtaking, and of immense worth is that of those who have let their spirits fall to an eerie state. Perhaps these poor souls have leaned too heavily on rationale and logic (which, in fact, can be misleading in a world of illogical people). Or perhaps they once saw the beauty in humanity, but trusted so entirely that they were crushed under the weight of our species’ proclivity for imperfection. Either way, they have let their spirits fall and have given up hope, the very blood that must run through our veins in order for us to remain sanguine in this broken place we call home.


About Erin Renee

Another human sorting through life on earth and sharing thoughts and stories you may or may not care to read. I'm as imperfect as they come, so the benefit of the doubt is always appreciated.
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