Ronda y Setenil

A last-minute day trip? Sign me up, literally. I love being mere hours away from some of the most beautiful little towns in the world. Pictures below!!

A couple weeks ago, some friends and I took a spontaneous trip to the towns of Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas, about two hours south of Seville. Thanks to an organization called WeLoveSpain, we were able to hop on a bus and tour both towns very inexpensively without having to coordinate our own transportation or tours.

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Ronda, whose existence dates back to the 6th century, sits atop cliffs and a midst the hills of the province of Málaga. The town is divided in two by a massive ravine separating the older part and the newer part. If you thought municipal expansion was hard before, the people of Ronda take it to a whole new level. Three bridges connect the two parts of the town, the most notorious being Puente Nuevo. The “New Bridge” is really not so new…construction began in 1751 and ended 41 years later. Another historic feature in Ronda is the Plaza de Toros. This particular bullring is one of the oldest in all of Spain and thus one of the places of origin for the tradition of bull fighting.

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Setenil de las Bodegas is a town of population 3,000. Buildings rise high up on the hills beside the olive orchards and they dip low into the valley. In the valley, homes, stores, and restaurants are built underneath and into the side of the stone face on either side with a stream and narrow streets in between. It’s a perfect place to get lost walking the tiny streets, a not-so-perfect place through which to drive a car (although, the locals do it!). The most remarkable moment of this trip was watching the sun set over the hills in Setenil. The sky was red, yellow, and blue, casting a soft pink light onto the white buildings and painting the whole valley with color. The picture above simply cannot do it justice.


I just need to take a moment to appreciate these friends. No matter what amazing places I find on this journey, it’s the amazing people that I get experience them with that make it all the more worthwhile.

More to come…



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