Born for Adventure


Some are born for adventure.
To some, the very thought of an average moment is a tragic waste of time. That is not to say that the moments in between great adventures are any less valuable than the great adventures themselves. It has more to do with an understanding that each moment is unique, valuable, and extraordinary if only we will open our eyes to see it.

Fear of the ordinary pulses through our veins with an inescapable urge for the extraordinary. The status quo is nonexistent as it is irrelevant because normalcy is a figment of stagnant society. We rarely sit still in daily activity because it is of little value in comparison with the uniqueness of human thought and interaction. Though criticized for the inability to remain still, we do not fear silence nor stillness. Rather we prize it as something only deserved by the extraordinary, and thus rarely do we award it.We cannot sit through a movie, yet we are utterly speechless at the rising of the sun.

It is in our hands to be disappointed with anything, and it is in our own hands to be excited with anything. With this realization, we aim to create as few disappointing moments as possible. Therefore, we see the simplicities that shape the complex but, simultaneously, we find the complexities that shape the simple. We have the ability to run ourselves into the ground with only our thoughts, yet we have the ability to drive ourselves to excellence also through our thoughts.

We are intrinsically motivated, always thinking for ourselves and ever questioning the temptation found in groupthink. We follow rules that appeal to our morals and disregard those we find superfluous. This may, perhaps, be one of our greatest flaws.

We are the walking dead at times because we find sleep to be of little value in comparison with experience. We battle with this because we are well aware that life cannot be lived to the fullest when we can barely keep our eyes open. For so many, the mind is a limitation to the body, but for us, the body is a limitation to the mind.

Who are we—wanderers, adventurers, explorers? We are students. We are teachers. We are waiters. We are drivers. We are business men and women. We are all those who choose to chase life and to believe in the extraordinary value of each moment.

It all sounds cliché only because it is. However, an idea being expressed excessively does not make it any less true, just like you telling me the ocean is blue again and again will not make it any less blue.

So whether you’re sitting in an office or a classroom, waiting tables, or working that job you despise, remember: YOU WERE BORN FOR ADVENTURE.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”