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Another human sorting through life on earth and sharing thoughts and stories you may or may not care to read. I'm as imperfect as they come, so the benefit of the doubt is always appreciated.

One year out and Seville still won’t let me go

She stole my heart much like a thief creeping about at dusk. Quietly, softly, and with such care that I didn’t even know it was gone. Now the day dawns and I know what has become of my heart once … Continue reading

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Perspective on the Past: Painting pictures of Egypt in 2017

And the places I long for the most Are the places where I’ve been They are calling out to me Like a long lost friend It’s the start of a new year, and somehow, in all my contemplation about what … Continue reading

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The greatest adventure so far

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Strait-up Priceless: A Weekend Trip

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Ronda y Setenil

A last-minute day trip? Sign me up, literally. I love being mere hours away from some of the most beautiful little towns in the world. Pictures below!! A couple weeks ago, some friends and I took a spontaneous trip to … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind the Beginning

2 days. 3 flights. Raleigh, NC to Sevilla, España. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m excited for this day, this trip. I’ve spent the last month sliding back and forth between excitement and terror. … Continue reading

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We are taking turns being pots and kettles. I find it abominable that one should accost another for being that which we all indubitably are: human.

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